Our suppliers - regional if possible and organic if possible.

Tasty and healthy ingredients with reliable freshness are the first and most important criteria for our chef. He prefers regional produce - if possible also from controlled organic sources:

Because be it vegetables, a roast or trout - only foods that have time to grow naturally and arrive fresh in the kitchen without travelling lengthy distances, possess particularly pronounced flavour of their own and the right consistency.




logo landzunge

We keep Limousin cattle from our own organic farming* in the pastures around the mountain guest house for use in our own restaurant. Our rump steak is produced through domestic farming, is of "LandZunge" quality and is procured from Buchmann the butcher, after which it hangs for around 4 weeks to reach the optimum level of maturity and tenderness.

*Our own neighbouring organic farm is certified in accordance with NATURLAND, whilst our restaurant is organically certified by the EU (DE-ÖKO-005).





logo landzunge schweine  

We procure pork of "LandZunge" quality (left), which originates from the Göller farm in Kohllöffelhof, from Buchmann the butcher, as well as pork from the Jehle farm in Limpach, which we obtain from Sulger the butcher. The pigs are reared free of stress, with plenty of space to roam. The feed is mixed by the farmers themselves, largely from their own cultivation.

Due to this species-appropriate rearing, the meat obtains an optimum structure, is low in fat and exhibits a fine flavour.




logo landzunge wurst  

We also procure our sausages regionally and in top LandZunge quality. They have approx. 5% less fat than conventional sausage products, because the animals grow more slowly and are allowed to reach a higher slaughter weight.

Sulger the butcher processes pork from the Jehle farm in Limpach for us, to produce hearty sausage products. The herby bratwurst sausages with herbs from our own herb garden are a particular speciality. Depending on the season, this speciality is served at the herbal buffet - every Monday evening - from May to October.


Turkey and poultry


  We procure our turkey directly from the Heinzler poultry farm in Großstadelhofen. Free range turkeys are reared here with plenty of space to roam. In comparison to other types of meat, turkey contains a large quantity of protein and low fat, which is why it is often found in diet cuisine.   puten




  Are you familiar with the Hillenfurt stream near Lellwangen? Our trout certainly are - its clear water feeds the lake belonging to Mr Böhmann, who delivers his fish fresh to the Höchsten.   fang


Vegetables and salads



Depending on the season, our salads and vegetables originate from the regional greengrocer Christel Streicher from Herdwangen-Schönach, Reichenau Island, the organic market gardener Bioland-Rotach-Gärtnerei Wilhelmsdorf, or our own organic cultivation. During the colder months we work extensively with domestic winter vegetables such as white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, celery, etc. We use these to produce refined creations for the salad buffet and for side dishes.

Only when the domestic market has been emptied of produce do we turn to wholesalers.

  setzlinge   gewaechshaus




kartoffeln Our potatoes come from specialists - either the Schempp family in Pfullendorf/Strass, or from the Störkle potato farm in Heiligenberg/Moos. The Störkle family not only farms the perfect potato for every dish - maintaining the diversity of varieties is also a focus at the farm. Mrs Störkle has even published her own potato cookbook - over 200 recipes with the popular tuber in an elaborate book, which you can order by visiting:





The Camphill village community of Lehenhof operates a cheese dairy at the Höchsten, which processes milk from our own farm to produce cheese in accordance with the particularly comprehensive Demeter guidelines. Enjoy these cheese varieties, produced from natural milk and carefully matured - these are cheeses with character.

We procure further dairy products from the dairies Bergprachtmilchwerk Tettnang Siggenweiler and OMIRA Ravensburg.



Apple juice and cider


apfelsaft The Lake Constance region is an excellent fruit growing area. Mosterei Siegfried Kopp in Deggenhausertal presses our naturally cloudy apple juice from orchard fruits - incidentally, this is by far the most frequently ordered beverage in our house. And where apple juice is pressed, the traditional beverage of Upper Swabia - cider - is never far away.
Have you ever tasted our "Kir Swabia"? Fine apple cider with blackcurrant liqueur - a truly exceptional pleasure.


High-percentage spirits


  The two fruit growers - Steinhauser in Kressbronn and Stephan in Oberuhldingen - process their own fruit to produce high-percentage specialities, and have been supplying us for years.
  destillate   A particular speciality is known as Zibärtle. This unconventional name refers to a spirit produced from the Zibarte, a wild plum with a small amount of flesh and a large stone, which is removed but still lends the spirit a fine almond flavour. Anyone who enjoys a high-percentage spirit should certainly try it.
  Our herb schnapps is a fine spirit from Felix von Wahlweiler - fine grain is prepared with herbs (also from the Höchsten) and distilled again.


Bakery products


  torte   We bake our own cakes and pastries - everything is home-made according to our own recipes, and it tastes just like mum's own. In order to satisfy the high demand and further expand the selection on offer, we have had a trained pastry chef on our team since 2014.
  ofen   Every Thursday when the wood-burning oven is heated up for the Dinnete, we bake bread from the same dough according to the old tradition - wood-oven baked bread with full-flavoured beef - just ask us.

We procure all further bakery products from the Landbäckerei Zembrod bakery - a traditional village bakery in operation since 1823, for whom baking is still a handicraft with honest raw ingredients.




  The Senn poultry farm in Lausheim and the Karrer family in Zühnehof supply us with eggs from their happy, free range hens.




  The Talmühle Pfisterer mill in Heiligenberg - Oberboshasel is a traditional mill that processes domestic grain from the region of Heiligenberg, Ilmensee and Deggenhausertal, and supplies us with good quality flour for our noodles, cakes, Dinnete, bread, etc.

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