Appointments for massages:

+49 (0) 7555 9210 - 0
or directly in the hotel.

Be it a therapeutic treatment or just because it does good - one thing is certain when you book an appointment with our physiotherapists: you will enjoy deep relaxation and an all-round sense of well-being.


Classic massages


Klassische Massagen Massages are beneficial to the body, mind and soul - a healing treatment that dates back a millennium for tension, stress, nervousness, sleep disturbances, posture problems, acute and chronic pain, disturbances of the vegetative nervous system and much more besides.  
Classic full-body massage   50 mins | 59,-
Classic back massage   25 mins | 32,-
Foot massage with herbal milk   20 mins | 28,-
Hand and arm massage   20 mins | 28,-
Brush massage with subsequent oil massage    
Full-body treatment for improving the circulation and firming the tissue   45 mins | 59,-
Honey back massage - detoxification massage    
The honey massage draws toxins deep out of the skin. The organism is cleansed and the inherent healing mechanisms are activated.   30 mins | 49,-


Herbal stamp massages


Kräuterstempelmassagen For all who wish to treat themselves to something "special": Herbal stamp massages - a massage for all the senses. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the scent of herbs and flowers. Feel the warm oil on your body and the gentle touches of the herbal stamp on your skin. We wrap many of the herbal stamps ourselves, with herbs from our own herb garden.  
Full-body   60 mins | 89,-
Back   30 mins | 48,-


Anti-stress treatment


  Treatment for the shoulders, neck, head and face. Tensions are gently relieved. Particularly recommended with neck problems and headaches.  
    45 mins | 53,-



Foot energy massage


fussreflexzonenmassage This massage is a meaningful form of preventative healthcare, which helps to order and harmonise disturbed energy processes in the body.  
    25 mins | 32,-
    45 mins | 55,-


Special massages -
Massages that start vital energy flowing


tibetisch Tibetan energy massage
This back massage is characterised by a particularly gentle technique and has its origins in the monasteries of Tibet. A special stroking action with oil along the meridian channels of the back relieves tension, hardening and accumulated energy. The effect is one of calm, a sensation of deep inner peace, pain relief, refreshment and a beneficial, relaxed physical sensation.
    50 mins | 65,-
  Garshan massage
he Garshan massage is an Ayurvedic dry massage. The silk glove has a peeling effect. The skin is smoothed, cleansed of dead skin flakes, and the tissue is firmed. The massage also activates the lymphatic flow, stimulates the circulation and the metabolism. The Garshan massage is particularly recommended with cellulite.
Garshan massage   25 mins | 34,-
Garshan massage and oil massage   45 mins | 58,-
Johanniskrautöl Breuss massage with warm St. John's wort oil
This is a fine-sensation, manual back massage, which can release mental, energetic and physical blockages. At the same time, the massage stimulates the regeneration of under-supplied intervertebral discs. It is therefore also fondly referred to as the "spinal disc massage".
    25 mins | 35,-
hotstone Hot stone massage
This special form of massage originates from Hawaii. The combination of the elemental force of the stones, the heat treatment and the massage calms, relaxes and boosts the metabolic processes within the tissue. The massage helps sports participants, as well as individuals with chronic cold feet and hands. Stress-related tension is also relieved.
Hot Stone back treatment
  40 mins | 55,-
Hot Stone full-body treatment
  70 mins | 79,-
  Craniosacral therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment for the nervous system and the autoregulation of the body. It is recommended for the treatment of nervous disorders, fatigue and for the improvement of general health and well-being.
    45 mins | 65,-
Booking appointments

Please arrange appointments for massages and treatments: +49 (0) 7555 92 10 - 0 or directly in the hotel.


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